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Here are some highlights from the game

Core Features

Different Play Styles

Melee combat plays like good old beat'em up

Archers do high-damage precision shots

Magic casters shoot like it's a bullet hell game


Up to 4 players

Online co-op

Local / couch co-op

High Replayability

Procedurally generated levels and encounters

25 pets and a couple of mounts to ride

Meet one of 20 bosses at the end of each level

The Heroes

Here are some of the heroes from the game. They are unlocked through in-game quests.

Melee combat and armor

Starts the game with 50% damage reduction for a limited number of hits. Has a quick attack that can stun enemies and a strong but slower attack that does more damage. As he fights, his rage grows. Once full, he can perform a special rage attack that depends on the weapon he's using. Can also stomp and smash fallen enemies.

Other classes can use melee weapons as well, but with reduced proficiency. The knight also starts with 70% archery skill, so he can use bow and arrows efficiently.

Shooting and healing

Starts the game with the Strawberry Staff which can create food for herself and other players. The food restores the hitpoints lost during combat. However, she's not limited to healing. She can find and pick up any other magic staff during the game and use it to cause serious damage to the enemies. She also starts with 70% archery, so she can use bows and arrows as well as the Knight can. She's a true ranged-combat character.

Bow and arrows

Starts with a bow and a quiver full of arrows which counts as an additional inventory slot. The arrows are slow to release, so you need to aim carefully, but they do a lot of damage and you can take out most enemies in only 2 or 3 shots. With some upgrades you will be able to 1-shot most basic enemy types.

The Archer starts with 70% melee skill, so you can find and use melee weapons to fight in close quarters situations.

Shooting and poison

Starts with the Snake Staff which can add poison to any weapon. The poison is slow but does a lot of damage over time, so is great when fighting longer battles with bosses or rooms full of enemies. There are multiple upgrades to be found in the game to increase the poison damage. Obtaining a different magic staff allows him to switch to a high damage weapon while still being able to add poison to it, making some deadly combos.

Like all other mages, The Druid can read all the magic scrolls and significantly improve your chances for beating the game.

Fire. fire, fire

Starts with the Fireball Staff, which can shoot fireballs that do significant amounts of damage in a very short time. While the Pyromanicer is immune to fire, he can also use his staff to give the fire immunity to other players. The Pyromancer starts with 60% melee skill, so he can also find some melee weapons usable, especially after a couple of upgrades.

To compensate for the pyromancer's fire immunity and high damage, he starts the game with lower health.

Undead Ranger
Kill to get stronger

Starts with a Bone Bow and a quiver of bone arrows, allowing him to one-shot most enemies from the very start of the game. He can harvest bones from fallen enemies and use those to make his weapon stronger. He also starts with 90% melee, which allows him to save on collected bones early in the game and get really strong.

The Undead Ranger is a skeleton; he has no digestive tract, so he cannot drink nor eat. Therefore he cannot use food to heal. He also cannot drink any potions nor beer. However, he is immune to poison and muscle spasms.


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From the Blog

Keep up with the latest happenings.

Big update

21 Sep, 2018

A new version is available with a new hero class: Rogue, a bunch of new achievements and new potion effects. Dwarves are finally in the game, as merchants in the ice level and a special blacksmith NPC. There are many new NPCs. A Vampire Slayer that needs your help, a guild of mercenaries you can hire, Redhead Warrior Sonya who challenges you to a duel...

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24 bosses

05 Feb, 2018

Version 3.1.4 is online with the 4th desert boss: The War Elephant. This is an important milestone, because all the bosses I planned for the first full game release are now in the game. The initial plan was actually 20 or 21 boss, but as the game has been developed many new ideas came and now we have 24. I do have some ideas for 4-5 more bosses, but those will come after Early Access....

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The Catacombs update

15 Sep, 2017

A new version is available with a lot of new content. The 5th level, Catacombs, is ready with 5 new enemy types. A new hero: Undead Skeleton Ranger is added. Unlocking the new hero is done via a special quest in the old part of the catacombs which is a really dangerous place. There are also 2 new bosses, 3 new special areas in the forest, 1 new mount, 1 new pet...

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